Rebound - 2 Spectral Color Bass Max for Live Device


Rebound 2 is a Max For Live device that allows you to create unique sparkly colour bass, deep spectral basses and airy pads.

Have control over any sound with 1024 bands that have the unique ability to evolve over time.

Perfect for genres such as:
Colour Bass

Katy Perry inspired psytance/techno fusion beats

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Minimum Requirements

  • The money to purchase this. (Otherwise, the bank will come for your house 😟😔)

  • Works in Ableton Live Suite 10 and up (OR Standard with access to Max for Live) This is not a VST.

What's new in Rebound 2?

  1. Process sounds in 256, 512 or 1024 bands

  2. New spectral vocoder you can use to morph sounds with up to 1024 bands

  3. Improved filter quality

  4. Time Skew Control

  5. Added zoom

  6. Sine LFO Shape

  7. Changed spectral smoothing to separate attack and decay controls for more control

  8. Load and save the shapes you draw

  9. Save and load your own presets via Ableton

  10. Removed Herobrine (added Skrillex)

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